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Have you envisioned your home already? Is it around modern interiors like a sleek kitchen and classy appliances or more on the minimalistic side?

Whatever your idea is, Shri Homes is here to build your new home and turn your imagination into a living reality. With modern designs, commitment to sustainability and a reputation for unparalleled quality, we are your premium partner for building your new home.

With Shri Homes, you’ll have access to –

  • Expertise and experience
  • Transparent Process
  • Flexible Financing
  • High-quality Inclusions

Our custom builders in Epping specialise in maximising space, maintaining quality, and using creative designs. By blending your ideas with our expertise, we will follow a personalised approach, so you have satisfactory results. Also, we believe in adhering to industry-leading construction practices, paying attention to quality and details, and following adept project management so you have the guarantee that your project is ready precisely as promised. So, choose Shri Homes for an unparalleled experience in building your new home soon!

Build Your Dream Home with Custom Home Builders in Epping

At Shri Homes, we believe that your new home deserves the best, and to make it happen for you, we will use your vision and our expertise for the best outcome. If you want to build your home, our custom builders in Epping will follow a personalised approach, and if you want it for investment purposes, we will research and build it to maximise your ROI. So, whatever you need, our home builders in Epping have it all to cater to your satisfaction.

Keeping quality, sustainability, and modern house design in Epping at the core, we begin our home-building projects with all your necessary details and concerns. Our building specialists are highly qualified and knowledgeable, so no matter the specifications, they have the skills required to complete home-building projects of all sizes and scales successfully. Also, by using top-notch materials, we guarantee the long lifespan of our building projects.

To maintain transparency, we will keep you informed of all the happenings at every step so you remain informed. From design and planning to construction and finishing, our house builders in Epping will have clear communication so your customised needs and desires are fulfilled and your home reflects your vision and lifestyle. So, if you have specific concern about building your home, look no further and connect with us because we are renowned for catering customised home-building solutions efficiently.


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Why Build with Shri Homes?

We work closely with our clients at every stage of the project, from design and planning to construction and finishing. By listening carefully to our clients’ needs and desires, we are able to create homes that truly reflect their vision and lifestyle.

  • 01

    Experience and Expertise


    With over a decade of industry expertise, we're your trusted partner in crafting your new home.

  • 02

    Transparent Process


    You'll always be well-informed, from initial planning to final construction throughout the process.

  • 03

    Flexible Financing


    With our flexible financing options, making your dream home is more achievable than ever.

  • 04

    High-Quality Inclusions


    We use premium materials and features, ensuring that quality shines through every corner.

  • 05

    Peace of Mind


    We prioritise your comfort and satisfaction, ensuring every step of your homebuilding journey is stress-free.

  • 06

    Exceptional Customer Service


    Our dedicated team is committed to surpassing your expectations with attentive, personalised service.

  • 07

    Award-Winning Homes


    Our portfolio boasts award-winning designs that blend style and functionality seamlessly.

  • 08

    Strict Quality Assurance Checks


    We leave no room for compromise with our rigorous quality checks, ensuring highest standards.


Home Design Epping – Transforming Visions into Exceptional Homes

If you want to build your home with an upgraded and customised design, Shri Homes can be your partner to fulfil it efficiently. Whether you are looking for a home with modern layouts, traditional and modern blended structures, or more of an automated interior, our custom home builders in Epping excel in all these sectors. So, whatever your vision is, our team will transform it into an exceptional reality.

By comprehending your project’s essence and valuing your investment’s significance, we will build your home, focusing on design, customisation, quality, and durability. The Shri Homes team has extensive experience building new homes, so you can relax about having exceptional designs and craftsmanship with us. Once we note your ideas for home design in Epping, we will analyse them and develop results that involve our expertise and your vision. By maintaining your vision in every single detail of your home, we will deliver you with precision and perfection.

Apart from turning vision into reality, we have home builders in Epping who can guide you through design ideas so you have clarity about what you would like to include in your new home. So, if you are perplexed about any design, connect with our experts for ideas and customisations and let us help you finalise a house design in Epping for your home, showcasing your lifestyle and vision.

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Being Australia's trusted home builder, we prioritise seamless living with functional floorplans and timeless, innovative home designs.


Explore our diverse display homes for various lifestyles, budgets, and sizes, available for viewing at your convenience.


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House Builders Epping

Enrich Your Living Experience with Premier House Builders in Epping

With Shri Homes as your home-building construction team, you will have an experience that stands unmatched. As your premium house builders in Epping, we take pride in building properties that enrich your living experience, transforming your imaginations into architectural marvels. With a track record of delivering immaculate design, quality, and sustainability, we stand renowned for offering the most suitable home-building solutions.

We understand that home is much more than just mortar and bricks. To build you a space where you can cherish living, we have several options like House and Land Packages. It is a budget friendly approach where we have ready-to-build home plans, suitable for growing families. With our commitment to excellence, we focus on industry-grade ideas, ensuring a harmonious blend of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Whether you prefer a tranquil suburban retreat or a contemporary style, we can serve innumerable home design in Epping idea with a focus on quality and creativity.

By consistently building homes with customer satisfaction, Shri Homes is your trusted home-building partner that will stand dedicated to building the home you have always envisioned. For better insight, explore our portfolio of distinctive properties, and let us help you build a home that serves both luxury and comfort. So, if you’re ready to build a home, contact our custom home builders in Epping for a consultation soon!


What is the typical timeline for building a custom home in Epping?

The construction timetable for a new home varies based on the project’s size, complexity, and level of customisation. On average, the process takes six months to a year or more. A more accurate estimate can be provided during your consultation after we have reviewed the specifics of your home improvement.

What are the key considerations for budgeting a custom home build in Epping?

When determining the budget for your new custom-built home, you must prioritise the home’s size, design, and features. Consider your finances and construction prices, and try to create a additional budget for unanticipated expenses. Shri Homes provides transparent costs, estimations, and experienced advice on making the best use of your budget.

What sets Shri Homes apart from other home builders in Epping?

At Shree Homes, we set ourselves apart by following –

  • Transparent process
  • Personalised service
  • Dedicated team of builders
  • Affordable packages

By prioritising your satisfaction, we keep quality and design at the top, making us the top builders in Epping.

Can I customise the design of my home with your builders in Epping?

Absolutely! We understand that every homeowner has different preferences. We welcome your feedback throughout the design process to ensure your home is exactly what you want. We’re here to make your idea a reality, whether improving current designs, implementing custom improvements, or adding the personal touches that make your home unique.

Are your builders licensed and insured?

Ofcourse! Shri Homes is a registered building practitioner and apart from being creative and excellent at their respective work, our specialists are licensed with Victorian Building Authority. So when you choose us as your home builders in Epping, you’ll surely have professional work.

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