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If you are planning to build your new home in the growth corridor of Rockbank, you are in the right place.

The demand for new homes in Rockbank has shown an upward trend in recent times, which is evident from the number of houses we have built in the area.

As someone who has been in the building industry for over a decade, we (Shri Homes) can assist you well in building a home as per your needs. We’ve committed ourselves to building homes that are fully functional and align with your vision. Most importantly, all our builds adhere to industry-best standards and practices.

So, if you are looking to choose an experienced builder in Rockbank, feel free to reach out to us.

Build Your Dream Home with Custom Home Builders in Rockbank

What do you envision for your new home?

If it’s innovative design or excellent workmanship, we are the home builders you need for your new home in Rockbank. Every home we have built has created a lasting impression on our clients, ensuring 100% satisfaction.

It’s all because of our three core principles:

  • Only the best quality
  • Unparalleled workmanship
  • Fast and stress-free experience

With these anchors in place, we always remember what our focus is — a client-friendly approach. Here’s our streamlined approach to ensure efficiency in every step of your dream home construction.

  • First Discussion:Our collaboration begins here. We sit down and discuss your vision, needs, and likes for your new home. Whatever inputs we gather in this initial meeting are going to become the foundation for the entire project.
  • Design Curation:We create a design blueprint for your new home, which includes floor plans and layout options. You can share your feedback on the curated blueprint and refine it to align with your vision perfectly.
  • Securing Permits & Approvals:Getting permits and approvals involves complex paperwork, which is time-consuming. However, our experience taught us how to handle these legal hurdles successfully and ensure smooth progress.
  • Site Preparation:Certain works need to be done to prepare the site for the upcoming construction. So, we evaluate what the site requires and plan accordingly. Usually, site preparation involves foundation work, excavation, drainage installation, etc.
  • Construction Process:Now, the exciting phase of your project begins. We pour the foundation slab, erect the structural framework, and construct your home step by step. As one can tell, this takes the longest time of all other steps.
  • Client Inspection, Quality Check, and Handover:At last, we conduct one final quality check and give you a tour of your new home. Then, we get the place ready for the handover.

Director of Shri Homes

Melbourne’s Trusted Home Builders

Why Build with Shri Homes?

We work closely with our clients at every stage of the project, from design and planning to construction and finishing. By listening carefully to our clients’ needs and desires, we are able to create homes that truly reflect their vision and lifestyle.

  • 01

    Experience and Expertise


    With over a decade of industry expertise, we're your trusted partner in crafting your new home.

  • 02

    Transparent Process


    You'll always be well-informed, from initial planning to final construction throughout the process.

  • 03

    Flexible Financing


    With our flexible financing options, making your dream home is more achievable than ever.

  • 04

    High-Quality Inclusions


    We use premium materials and features, ensuring that quality shines through every corner.

  • 05

    Peace of Mind


    We prioritise your comfort and satisfaction, ensuring every step of your homebuilding journey is stress-free.

  • 06

    Exceptional Customer Service


    Our dedicated team is committed to surpassing your expectations with attentive, personalised service.

  • 07

    Award-Winning Homes


    Our portfolio boasts award-winning designs that blend style and functionality seamlessly.

  • 08

    Strict Quality Assurance Checks


    We leave no room for compromise with our rigorous quality checks, ensuring highest standards.


Home Design Rockbank – Transforming Visions into Exceptional Homes

To turn a house into a home, you need to customise it with your style and personality. From the colours painted on the walls to the fixtures installed in the bathrooms, everything must work cohesively. So, what does customisation mean for you?

  • A play area for your kids?
  • Grand master suite?
  • Elevated rear to watch the sunset every day?
  • Large windows to light up the room with sunshine?

Or something more?

Whatever you wish, we can make it a reality with our expertise. Our home designs in Rockbank have been lauded for their innovation, quality, and sustainability. To experience our work in person, you can explore our display homes in various budgets, sizes, and lifestyles. Contact our house builders in Rockbank right away at 03 7045 4775, and we will arrange for your viewing.

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Get started on your home building journey today


Being Australia's trusted home builder, we prioritise seamless living with functional floorplans and timeless, innovative home designs.


Explore our diverse display homes for various lifestyles, budgets, and sizes, available for viewing at your convenience.


Say goodbye to the stress of searching for land and designing your home from scratch with our convenient house and land packages.


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Enrich Your Living Experience with Premier House Builders in Rockbank

Owning a home is a significant milestone in everybody’s life. Big or small, we all want a place we can call home. It’s a bonus if it can also serve as a lasting investment. However, building it efficiently requires you to make a series of right decisions.

The first is to custom-build a home. You can buy an already-built house and call it home, but it will not offer the same merits as a new build. For example, new homes come with warranties, less maintenance, and better valuation.

Secondly, consider if the House & Land packages offered by us are beneficial for you. We set affordable packages for our clients. If you already own a lot somewhere, you may not need it. But if you don’t, choosing a house and land package can be a profitable choice.

Lastly, choose a transparent home builder in Rockbank, such as Shri Homes. Our construction and payment procedures are so transparent that our clients are more than willing to give us a glorious 5-star rating. We also offer flexible financing alternatives to ease the burden on you. Read some of our testimonials to get a better insight into our services.

Now, let’s get you started with your first consultation. We are reachable at 03 7045 4775 or info@shrihomes.com.au.


What is the typical timeline for building a custom home in Rockbank

Depends. Many factors must be considered to determine the timeline for a custom build. But a typical timeline may lie anywhere from 6 months to one year or more in some cases. If you want a more specific figure, please call us for an appointment.

What are the key considerations for budgeting a custom home build in Rockbank?

Some of the usual considerations:

  • Home size
  • Design complexity
  • Weather conditions
  • Budget constraints
  • Stylistic touches

Beyond these, it depends on the project specifics.

Can I customize the design of my home with your builders in Rockbank?

Of course! We collaborate with our clients right from the beginning of the project and develop solutions together. So, even after we design, we take your feedback and make the required changes.

Are your builders licensed and insured?

Yes, all our builders are certified under the Victorian Building Authority. So, you can trust our expertise and experience in building your home.

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